The late 19th century saw a real advance on how the bathroom, as a room, was seen. Architects and furniture makers began to understand that a bathroom was a place of calm and relaxation as well as place of ablutions and toiletries. In a bathroom, the careful choice of native and painted furniture pieces, free-standing or fitted, along with wood panelling, can make a considerable difference to its ambient feel.

The Design Process

The bathroom for the most part is a functional room but with the correct mix of light, colour and bespoke furniture it can be made into a relaxing and comfortable space. All of these aspects are taken into consideration when designing your bespoke bathroom.

Beginning with a brief phone call or by clicking our "let’s get started" tab your new office design can begin in an instant. A site visit from one of the Declan Sexton and Sons’ team is the best starting point. From here we can take into consideration your space, light and design needs. We welcome all ideas, photos and drawings regardless of how simple. This will help us to advise you on the best bathroom design for you.

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