Once upon a time the bedroom was the room in which the master of the house received his guests because it was seen to be one of the most important rooms in the house. The bedroom is still a very important room and deserves care and craft in the making of its interior – be it for storage of clothes, practical surface space, or dressing needs. Carefully designed and skillfully crafted woodwork, natural or painted, make your bedroom a place or both rest and retreat.

A place to both Rest and Retreat.

A once-off, bespoke piece of furniture, shaped and made to a customer’s requirements is more than just a functional product – it’s personal. It embodies something of the character who desires to see it made, or the person for whom it is made. And of course, a piece of handcrafted furniture is also an heirloom.

You and your Custom Bedroom - the Design Process

For most of us our bedroom is a retreat from our busy lives. With this in mind we believe that comfort, style and functionality should be at the heart of any bedroom design.

Beginning with a brief phone call or e-mail your new bedroom design can begin in an instant. A site visit from one of the Declan Sexton and Sons’ team is the best starting point. From here we can take into consideration your space, light and design needs. We welcome all ideas, photos and drawings regardless of how simple. This will help us to advise you on the best bedroom design for you.

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